Who Should You Date?

Though easier said than done, dating is quite a hard process especially when you’ve just recently broke up with someone you thought you’ll spend your entire life with. So opening up with someone new is quite hard to do, especially when you’ve learned to love that person flaws and cherished everything about him or her, but then sometimes letting go of what hurts you leads you to a better life, a better you. And getting to know some else, even on a friendly basis, leads you to that life, leads you to that person who wanted to spend everything with you just as you wanted it to be.

However, there still lies the question”Who should you date?” Well, when it comes to the matters of the heart, there is no question when it is about to fall or already fallen in love. And there is no right or wrong questions, ways or anything when you’re in love. It just knowing that you’re with the right person who’s willing to love you, flaws and all. But who is that person, whom you should date?

Date someone who…
Well, getting to know a person is the tricky part when it comes to dating. And before you put yourself on that line, you should first ask yourself “Are you ready?” And when you’re sure about your answer and indeed ready, it is time to let someone in to your heart. And you should go out and date.

You should date someone who values you. Date that person who takes time to spend their time with you, someone who cannot go on a day without seeing your smile or hearing your voice. Someone who values you like there’ll be no day to waste to spend time with you and takes time to call or texts you whenever they can to let you know that they can stop thinking about you. I know that’s too much and corny, but isn’t it the sweetest thing you’ll hear or know? That always puts a smile on your face.

Date someone who respects you. Some who respects your thoughts, your emotions your past, your present and your future, for that is someone who will accept who you are, someone who is willing to love you and spend their lives with you until he or she will grow old.

And most importantly, date someone who brings you closer to God, and brings out the best and worst in you yet that person still stuck around and doesn’t give a crap about what you just did. Someone who brings you closer to the Almighty One, thanking Him that He has given you as a blessing in his or her life, someone who you can share all your thoughts and beliefs. Where you can do anything and everything under His grace and praising Him, for there is no love like the love blessed by God.

Then when all of these you saw from someone special, may it be a friend, a stranger or a colleague that person is worth keeping.

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